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    Samsung has always had very good hardware when it comes to the devices they release each year. Every year I see a new Samsung phone with pretty useful features it seems that Android software lags behind the advance features Samsung adds to its devices.

    Consider the Galaxy Note line for example. If Samsung were to have its own OS aka Tyzen run on its devices and get developers to build specific apps for the Galaxy line of devices it offers, could that take the Samsung's phone to whole newer level than they are right now?

    This is just my opinion, but it somewhat feels like Android itself slows down the advancement of making all the features the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Note series phone offer because you can't find many apps that can take advantage of everything Samsung offers. Or can you?

    Do ya'll think is time for Samsung to move away from Android? Or would that be a bad "business" decision?
    08-16-2018 01:33 PM

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