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    Hi. I have an LG 4 phone on Three network. No signal in flat so using Three in Touch app. Was working fine but now phone constantly seeking non existent mobile signal and when that is happening wifi calling blocked. Result is phone is useless. Three seem unable to help. I have mobile data turned off. Tried airplane mode and turning just wifi on but app refused to operate under airplane mode. Any other ideas?
    08-25-2018 10:11 AM
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    1. Check with everyone who comes to your flat to find out who has the best signal. Switch to that carrier. (The first thing you do when deciding to get a phone is finding out which carrier has the best signal where you need signal - not which one sells the phone you prefer.

    2. If there's a setting in Settings (there is in Android, but LG could have taken it out) to prefer either wifi or cell, set it to wifi.
    08-25-2018 12:55 PM

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