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    Dear Android Central Community,

    I'm looking for an upgrade for my Nexus 5X. The hardware seems too slow to run what I need it for. I take it, it is too old to cope.

    I'm PRO: battery life, pure Android OS, simplicity to flick across several Google accounts. My phone is a tool, like a swiss army knife work work purposes first. I want to root the phone for tethering abroad.

    I'm not as fussed with: camera quality, screen quality, brand. My preference are smaller screens and Nexus 5X is a good size. In my view I would like a Google Pixel but less spec on the vanity elements (camera / screen).

    So what I am actually looking for is something that's like Nexus 5X but the best that's around today. Pixel 2XL was mentioned in a recent article here but I don't want a large screen but prefer a screen size to iPhone 6s for example. Even the Nexus 5X is too large for my preference. Note: I am aware the new Pixel 3 is coming soon but I'm afraid there will be nothing close to what Nexus at its heart offered.

    In my view Google has killed Nexus as it was too cheap and they saw loosing margin on something that was just great.

    Any information / tips are appreciated.

    08-27-2018 06:31 AM
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    The Pixel 2 (or the 3 if you wait a month or so) is a good phone, pure google, monthly updates - all the stuff you already love. Magisk takes a minute to install and you're rooted. (I find it easier to boot to TWRP, install the zip, then restart normally and install the manager app.) the same 3 years of updates (although 1 year is already gone on the 2), the same great customer service, the same smooth operation, a smaller-than-XL screen size.

    Oh, and you'll be forced to accept the camera that everyone else is comparing theirs to, since the dynamic range is really good (detailed shadows, but not glaring highlights).

    I'm pretty happy with mine (and with customer service - I've had a couple of much-too-long, but very pleasant, chats with them).
    08-27-2018 01:07 PM

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