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    I'm trying to find the right tv box for me. I've been running a roku and a pc hooked up to my tv and for the most part I enjoy it. I just don't like having to switch imputs and remotes to go from Youtube on my Roku to Kodi on my PC. I have a bit of extra money and want to treat myself to a new toy.

    I've tried the Nvidia Shield which I did like (although the remote was too small) but I had horrible audio issues. After about 20 minutes the audio would become garbled and staticy. I tried multiple solutions and even returned the box to get a second one and got the exact same issue.

    So I tried another less pricey box the T95Z. I really don't like this one. The remote is IR which is livable but the main kicker is the YouTube and HBO Go apps are the tablet versions. The YouTube app I can still use with the remote but all the thumbnails are kinda small to read but the HBO Go is unusable without breaking out a mouse. I do have the air keyboard but I really would like to just use a regular remote. The air keyboard you have to wake up constantly to get it to reconnect and I just don't care for it. Just a nice regular remote is what I would like.

    So here is what I'm looking for. A box that is powerful enough to run Kodi (I don't stream through Kodi I just use it to play my media library so Blueray movies and TV shows) The YouTube and HBO Go and other apps should NOT be the tablet versions. I want versions like the Roku and Nvidia Shield use I'm not sure what that is called but I want something that I don't need a mouse for. I have no interest in surfing the web on this thing. A Bluetooth remote would be nice or wireless. IR would be my last choice but I can live with it if it's zippy.

    Any suggestions would be welcome.
    08-28-2018 12:40 PM

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