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    Hi guys, changed from a samsung s7 edge to the new p20 pro. Set i my email as pop account, just as i did with the s7 edge. I receive and can send mails, problem is, once i downloaded all my mails on my pc, with outlook, it used to update my phone, so when i download new email on my phone, it would see those mails have already been downloaded on my pc, so wont download them again, almost like a imap account.

    With the P20 Pro, it keeps on downloading those mails, even though they have already been downloaded from the server. Only option i see is to create an imap account, which i tried, and it works, but when i delete mails on my phone, it deletes it from the server, and there is no setting to select 'dont delete from server' in imap set up.

    Anyone found a fix for this, all my sync settings are on,
    08-31-2018 05:33 AM
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    Outlook uses Exchange, not POP3.

    Do you mean that you're using the Outlook program on your PC to access a POP3 account? That has nothing to do with the phone. The phone has to have an account in its email app to sync with that account.

    And you have POP3 and IMAP backwards. IMAP for multiple devices accessing the same account, POP3 for only 1 device. And that has to be set at the server (or the webmail access), you can't change the server type in an app or Windows program. Even if you tell the program to act as a POP3 account, if the server is an IMAP server, it's not going to do anything on one device because you did something on another device.

    The "don't delete from server" setting is in the server, you can't change that in the app. You can tell the app to act as if it's an IMAP account, but if the server is set as a POP3 account, that's what it is. You have to change the account in the webmail page, or you're just driving youe email program and app crazy. Choose an account, set the webmail page to that type of account, then let the email program, and the email app, connect automatically - don't tell it what kind of account to use. (The server will tell it what kind of account it is.)
    08-31-2018 06:07 PM

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