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    The top of the screen won't recognize a touch in certain apps. For instance, in contacts, I can't pick the first contact at the top of the screen. And if I touch around the first contact, I often end up getting the second contact. Same when I search using the google bar - can't select the first suggestion. Several apps do this, and a few don't. I can turn the phone to landscape and pick that top contact/suggestion etc, but not all apps will convert to landscape - IG for example.

    The phone is over its 14 day return window - maybe google will take it back under a manufacturing defect. Any help before I go this route?


    09-06-2018 03:26 PM
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    Call Google Pixel 2 customer support. (If you don't have preferred care it may still work the same way - you fill out a form and they call you back.) It's probably going to mean a new phone, and if it's still under warranty, it's covered. (And if it's brand new, ask if they could please send you a new one, not a refurb - who knows what the former owner did to the battery?) Although they may be out of stock (permanently) of new P2s, since the P3 will be released soon.
    09-06-2018 03:30 PM

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