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    I am not sure how to respond to a specific reply to my question on where to buy parts for a Pixel 2.

    Yes I want to do the work myself. I have worked with electronics (circuit boards, ...) for 40 + years. Not hard find the bad actor and replace it. Not they are all plug in. In the old days it was all soldering.

    Believe me, cell phones are fairly simple to work on. I need a magnifying glass now, and mine is pretty big with it's own light. (Old and failing eyesight.) Anyway thanks everyone. If I have any luck I will post the specifics here.

    09-18-2018 07:47 AM
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    Please register so that you can continue in your original thread.

    In this instance, I’d merge this with your original thread to save you rewriting everything, except that I have no idea where it is.
    09-18-2018 09:28 AM

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