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    I have a multilaser MS55M, with Android 7.0 on it.

    I went to reboot my phone because it was getting a bit slow, and when it turned on again most of my apps were gone. On the folders on my homescreen they'd show the first version icons of the apps, but on the app drawer and the app list on the settings they wouldn't show up at all.

    I tried rebooting again, since that wasn't the first time it happened and a second reboot normally worked to bring them back, but this time it didn't. I rebooted it about 5 more times but nothing. I tried ejecting and mounting the sd card again but no luck as well. I also tried just re-downloading the apps but it just gives me an error and I can't (error code: 907)

    I've tried searching everywhere for a solution for this, but nothing I found worked.

    My SD card is integrated on my phone's memory, so it works as additional internal memory
    09-18-2018 08:57 AM
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    First, what do you mean by 'reboot'. Rebooting is just another word for restarting, and you do that every time you turn the phone off. It has nothing to do with the phone being slow, either.

    One of the problems with formatting an SD card as internal (adoptable) storage is what you're having - resetting the phone wipes the listing for installed apps out, and wipes the apps installed to the phone's internal storage, but it doesn't wipe apps installed to the SD card. So you can't reinstall an app because it's still there, but you can't uninstall it because there's no listing for it. (Linux, the operating system that Android is running on, was never designed to handle a situation like that - because it's never supposed to happen.)

    About all you can do now is reformat the SD card as internal storage again. (If it says it already is, reformat it as portable storage, then format it as internal storage.)

    Using an SD card as internal storage isn't actually a part of Android, it's a stopgap measure with a phone with a limited amount of internal storage (which yours is) - it allows you to use the phone for a few more days until you can replace it with a phone that has enough internal storage for your needs. (There are other problems - apps constantly write their current state, any time the state changes, because Android can kill any app at any time without warning - then, when you go back to that app, you expect it to be in its former state. SD card life is measured in write cycles and, while the number is pretty large, it's not infinite. Have the right apps on the card, and use the phone just the wrong way, and the card could fail in a week, from excess writing.)
    09-18-2018 11:45 AM

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