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    Hi thanks for looking in.

    I had to install a new hard drive in my Acer Aspire ONE Computer and chose a 1TB so I have 'lots' of space BUT straight away I have a problem. I made it dual boot with Windows 10 and installed Android X86 4.4 RC1 the most basic to avoid any troubles however it was not as simple as that.

    Of course I needed to install apps but I could only install one app the program then asking when I tried to install a further APP that I delete some installed APPS to make space before I could install any more, I thought with having a 1TB Hard Drive I would be able to install millions of APPS (joking).

    Obviously I have missed something either in the installation or the setting up but being a newby to Android I haven't a clue what. I installed the OS directly onto the C: drive alongside Windows should the drive have been partitioned ?? would this of prevented this problem.

    Be grateful for your thoughts especially if I can get Android working as it should.

    09-19-2018 10:44 AM

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