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    Every time I make outgoing or get incoming calls the calls would be hung up on "Listening" would display on my screen. After reading i turned off Google assistant and all voice related apps on maps, and the problem now doesn't display "Listening" but just randomly hangs up on my outgoing calls and incoming. My phone is my business, I have not been able to call clients nor take their calls for three days now. My phone is a Galaxy J7 Sky Pro. It is a month old, and my wireless service provider is unable to help me. Thank you in advance for whatever I can do to make outgoing and receive incoming calls again, without it hanging up. This started about 3 days ago out of the blue. Thank you in adance!
    09-20-2018 01:25 PM
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    Did you install anything about 4 days ago?

    The reason your carrier is unable to hep you is that this is a very strange problem. If they have a tech services part of the store (or in another nearby store) ask to be referred to them. Then ask them to make some test calls both ways, so that they can see it happen.

    (If the carrier has no tech service, ask them who does their tech service. If no one does, they're unable to supply you with the service you're paying for, so that gives you grounds to cancel service with no penalty and get a refund on the phone (even though it's not new - they have to be able to service what they sell in most civilized countries).
    09-20-2018 01:56 PM

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