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    Can a smarphone turned on and with wifi and mobile data active be damaged by airport scanner checks or similar scanning devices?

    On a recent transatlantic flight my smartphone started misbehaving ending up to the company's repair center to be replaced without further details.
    While I was on the phone after landing in the USA, my phone lagged and then a siren like sound came out for approximately 10seconds and a reboot only to see a system file error.

    I have never seen anything similar. Soon after that battery was draining and screen experiencing flashes. The company not sure whether it's a mechanical or software issue replaced the device.
    09-21-2018 03:37 AM
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    Something was wrong with the phone. If the X-Ray scanner was putting out enough power to damage the phone, everyone in line would have been glowing. (Even photographic film doesn't get exposed by most airport scanners these days - the power level is much too low.)

    (Assuming that the phone went through an X-Ray scanner. If it went through a metal detector, there's almost not enough signal coming out of one to be detectable.)
    09-21-2018 11:58 AM

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