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    Hey guys, I recently purchased a charger online, it cost me around $16. After purchasing the charger, I realized that it was only my USB C to C cable that was not working and not the charging head which it connects too. I plan to use the new Cable with the old charger since i'm 100% certain the old charger/head is legit.

    How can I verify that the USB C to C cable I have bought is safe to use on my Nexus 6p? When I contact the seller he says if it is able to rapid charge and the phone notifies us of the rapid charging status it is genuine. Is this true or can fake products also allow for the display of rapid charging status?

    Id post the link where I bought it from but the spam detector seems to be triggering when I do that. If you're curious to see where I got it from, go to lelong(dot)com and search for Genuine Huawei Nexus 6P LG Nexus 5X 5V3A 15W Fast Charger US. The seller's name is HyperCube.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance guys
    09-21-2018 10:30 AM
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    There are a number of connections in a USB C cable, but the only ones the phone usually uses are 2 wires for charging and 2 for data (which is what's used to determine the fast charging rate). If the phone charges, and plugging the phone into a PC (and setting it to MTP) shows the phone in the computer, the only things left are a) the quality of the connectors (and even on cheap cables, I haven't seen any connectors as badly made as most microUSB connectors) and the thickness of the charging wires. That's where they usually get cheap. If you use Ampere with a good cable, that will tell you what current the phone should charge at. If the cab;e in question is charging at or near that rate, the wires are thick enough for their length (the longer the cable, the thicker the wires have to be for the same current).

    The only "genuine" cable is the one supplied by the phone manufacturer - there's no standard for the cable or the connector, aside from cable thickness (and that's a plain old electrical formula) and the connector not being so cheap that it falls apart in your hands.

    As for being safe, nothing's going to change over the months. If the cable works, and it doesn't get warm after about 15 minutes of charging, it's safe.
    09-21-2018 01:33 PM

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