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    Hey. So I am in need of advice on what to do.
    Last year, I finally got pissed off at my Nokia Lumia, like everyone else, got a Samsung S8 from my carrier. First time android, everything is nice and awesome.

    My issues with phone were the obscenely bad battery, and the fact that I couldn't put a tempered glass screen saver on it because of the curved screen (I hate curved screens). Also, Samsung made me wait like 7 months for Android Oreo, on a flagship phone. Not good.

    So I gave it back in to my carrier last June after a year, bought a Nokia 8 for the massively better battery (and it really is), what I thought would be a screen I could put tempered glass (and it wasn't), because of the front fingerprint sensor (I hate it on the rear), and because I heard they were a lot better at software support. And brand loyalty (I had only owned Nokia since 2000).
    The phone is ok, the camera software sucks (fixed with a hacky solution). The issue now, aside from still the screen glass, is that I got a Samsung Gear S3, and all Nokia's have an issue that they won't reconnect automatically when it comes back in range. Nokia blames Samsung, Samsung Nokia, etc. It's probably Nokia. So disappointed by sw support, again.

    Should I sell it, and get a Samsung J7 2017? I got one for my mom last year, the battery is a MONSTER, the screen is perfect for tempered glass (put it on hers), it's still dual sim, and I assume it will work fine with my Gear S3 watch. I also must say my enthusiasm for phones and technology is fading at 30 yo. I regret not getting this phone in June. The micro-usb, no quick charge, and no wireless charging (although I never used that even when I had it) are cons, but with a battery like that...

    Is there any other phone I am missing that meets my requirements? Flat screen, big battery, really stable sw (so no Essential Phone thank you), in a 200-350 euro range?

    I don't care excessively about the camera as I have a serious one, and I don't really play on the thing much aside from some Clash Royale on the toilet.
    09-21-2018 06:03 PM

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