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    My phone has about 700 megabytes of RAM available. It's pretty fast and responsive when opening apps. It's an LG Stylo 2. I've had it for almost one year.

    It constantly has updates available almost every other day. Should I keep updating the apps or will this lower the amount of RAM available?
    09-25-2018 01:07 AM
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    The Stylo 2 has 2GB of RAM. How much is "available" is irrelevant in Android - the system will kill any program not in the foreground (usually on a least recently used first basis) until there's enough RAM available for the app you're trying to run. Even the largest games don't need the full 2GB - but it's there when some huge programs need it in the future. (2GB minus the little bit the system uses, but the system doesn't use that much.)

    RAM is the space apps run in. Storage (sometimes mistakenly called "memory") is the space apps are stored in when they're not running, and the Stylo 2 has 16GB of total storage (most of it used by the system), but it should still be enough for a couple of years. The big problem with updating an app is that sometimes it's "updated" to the point of uselessness (Maps had that problem for a few versions about 6 years ago), so I always keep updates off and when one comes up, I back up the current version (Apk Extractor does that easily) and save it to my PC (you can also use a cloud account), then I update it. If the update hasn't broken anything, fine, otherwise I uninstall it and reinstall the older version. (Installing an apk is as simple as finding it with a file manager and taping it - an apk file is data to the default installer, so tapping it installs it.)

    (I think I currently have about 1,200 apks on one of my 1TB drives - some of them so old that they'll never get used again, but it's a large drive and apks are small so unless I live long enough, I don't bother weeding out the old ones.) But some updates you want. The app works ... but... Then an update comes out that fixes that "but". (The next to latest update to the Magisk binary caused a bootloop, so of course we all wanted the next update - which came in a few days. [Unfortunately for me, the fix still causes a bootloop, so I'm in for a day of starting almost over - I have the rare Pixel 2 "empty fingerprint" bug, so I have to keep the system data as it is, with a working fingerprint, or U have to flash the March 2018 version and spend an hour putting a fingerprint in - don't ask.) But if an app seems to have a sligh annoyance, yes, accept an update to it - if you don't want to head over to its Play page first to see if the developer has claimed to have fixed what was bothering you.
    09-25-2018 01:01 PM

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