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    I want to buy a smart phone for my mother, the phone should be full screen display, last long battery. What about Kenxinda, Xiaomi, Huawei or Samsung? But I am afraid Samsung is too expensive!
    09-25-2018 03:46 AM
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    Long lasting battery would be (I hate to say the word) iPhone, but that's not "low budget". The cheaper the phone, normally the shorter the time between charges.

    Samsung makes some pretty cheap lines - but they are cheap - both in build quality and in what you can do with them. (An 8GB storage phone is basically useless as anything but a phone these days [and won't even be good for that in a few years], but they still sell them.)

    First, though, check out which carriers have good signal where she needs signal (home, stores, office if she still works - and where she'll be, not just on the street outside the buildings). Ask people who are using phones there who their carrier is and if they generally get good reception at that location.

    Then you choose among the phones that will work with that carrier. Not all phones work with all carriers.

    If she's only going to use it as a phone (and for text, maybe), it really doesn't matter. Any screen large enough for her to read comfortably (that's an important part for those of us who are, ahem, "more mature"), something she can hold comfortably (if she has small hands, a 6-1/2 inch phone is going to be too large), etc.

    Also consider a gently used phone. Some people take very good care of their phones (I keep mine in a virtually indestructible case, so after 5 years, it still looks new), but for just calls and text, a 5 year old phone will still work fine.

    Now you'll have a list of phones to choose from, and you can look for something that fits her needs. (It's not as easy as "read the ads and choose one".)
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    09-25-2018 01:21 PM

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