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    Is anyone else frustrated by this?

    When I launch an app (such as Messages), I am presented with a cached screenshot of what the app looked like last time I closed it or switched away to another app.

    The app is presumably loading behind the scenes while I'm looking at the screenshot.

    The screenshot is obviously not interactive, so touching any buttons on it does nothing. However, it makes you THINK the app has loaded already, so you do go touch a message, but just as your finger gets there, the app finishes loading and the whole screen changes because the app is not in the same state as it was when the cached screenshot was generated, causing you to touch the wrong thing.

    My question is, how do you disable this 'feature'? I would prefer to see a loading screen instead of this cached screenshot so at least I don't keep hitting the wrong buttons.

    any ideas?
    09-25-2018 07:00 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Are you actually closing apps (using the Back button), or are you just hitting the Home button when you're finished with an app (letting it keep running in the background)? If you do that, of course it's going to show whee you were. Even if Android had to kill it, the idea is that if you bring up another app, then close it, the app that was running should appear to have been running all along. If you want to kill an app, use the Back button.
    09-25-2018 04:35 PM
  3. mambazo's Avatar
    I see what you are saying, but my issue is that when switching between apps, the device shows me a screenshot of the app, not the app itself, for a few seconds, while it is restarting the app presumably due to limited RAM. As a result, the screenshot tricks me into pressing something that doesn't exist, and often the app will have finished booting just as my finger is about to touch the screen, causing me to click on something that a split second earlier, was not under my finger.

    For example:-

    Open messages.
    Send text message to person A.
    Person A is now the first entry on my list of messages as they are the most recent event there.
    Switch to Chrome.
    Receive a text message from person A. This generates a notification.
    Receive a text message from person B. This is added to the notification.
    Click the notification.
    Device shows me a screenshot of my messages app while it is restarting the app (due to low RAM?)
    Unaware if this is a screenshot or the active app, I go to click on the first entry in the list, person A, to see their response and reply to it.
    Just as I am about touch the screen (I'm talking milliseconds here), the app loads and the screen changes to show person B as the first entry.
    I don't have any time to react to the screen changing and as a result, click into person B's message.

    It is hard to describe this issue, which is probably why it is hard to Google a solution to it!
    09-26-2018 05:12 AM

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