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    Since using a new Galaxy S9+ smartphone camera, I have trouble with photos not displaying in the orientation they appear in my Photos file after being downloaded into a Windows 10 desktop. I've tried reorienting them to the reverse of the way they display in Gmail, but they continue to appear in their fixed disorientation no matter what. Older photos taken w/ a different camera display correctly.

    I've read that a similar problem occurred with other smartphones and it was attributed to the EXIF code imprinted with the photo relating to the camera's orientation. Regardless of the cause, it seems to only display in Gmail, but not into a Word document for instance. It sure is a nuisance to work with after the fact the photo was taken and a nuisance to always try to remember to have the camera properly positioned if that is the only correction.

    A BUG? Any workaround?
    09-26-2018 12:40 PM

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