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    Hi I live in Iran. I want to use vpn server to access some filtered sites like facebook on my android phone (samsung a8). I used some apps like hotspotshield and ultra surf. But my connection drops after only 2 or 3 second. In "anyconnect" app logs i found this phrase: "send bye packet, aborted by caller"
    09-28-2018 02:02 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Iran is not only blocking you from Facebook, they're blocking you from VPNs. Try Orbot: Proxy with Tor - I don't think that even Iran has the resources to block a moving target. (The US might, but not Iran.)

    Of course, you do know what happens to you if you get caught, right?
    09-28-2018 03:15 PM
  3. Nipiskase's Avatar
    Iran is very strict about banning VPNs, just like China. Free ones just won't cut it. Could I recommend you something like NordVPN? I heard it works with the obfuscated servers option turned on -- in that case your traffic won't be seen as a VPN one. In China it works so I doubt Iran is any different. But yeah, just don't get caught.
    10-01-2018 08:07 AM
  4. Red_Star's Avatar
    I agree with previous responses, Iran is really strict about using VPN, it's like China where many of such services don't work too or work but very slow. Anyway they can't block everything and there are VPN services which can be used effectively even in such countries. But yeah, be careful with using them!
    I really recommend you to pay attention on such tips while choosing the one:
    - your VPN should keep you safe and overcome these blocks for net so your the most important things will be anonymity, privacy and security
    - it should have a really high level of safety so check firstly your VPN service geographical location and its privcay policy (reviews from other users are really helpful in this case too!)
    - it should provide a good speed (in your case it's possible only for paid ones, not free services)
    - it should cover many locations which will make your general choice better and safer
    - your VPN service should be synchronized with your platform (not all of then can work on all platforms so don't be lazy for checking this)

    I think that your best in case of services will be something from the ones which are used effectively in China too (because as I mentioned this country is very similiar to Iran with their restrictions for VPN) like for example ExpressVPN, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited https://www.vpnunlimitedapp.com/en, VyprVPN, Astrill https://www.astrill.com/pricing, Buffered VPN, AirVPN and StrongVPN.
    10-11-2018 07:40 PM

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