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    I had a bunch of private photos that were in the Secure Folder and I did use the HIDE FOLDER option. Seems like Samsung has once again created a new update that has removed the hide/unhide album and now i have no way to retrieve the pics/vids. Way to go Samsung
    When I check the Cloud to verify the secure pics are there, there is a bunch of GREY pics with an exclamation mark and circle around it flashing. I can't verify what they are.
    When i chatted to Samsung (joke), i was told those are larger formats. Also that i can back up the Secure folder....and now told "You can restore them only when they are backed up. However, Samsung account doesn't backup them data of secure folder as it is protected with pin."
    So now i'm screwed because samsung did an update to remove something and i can't find/retrieve them?
    09-29-2018 03:34 PM
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    Experiencing the same issue but managed to retrieve my "hidden" album, I found it in the My Filesfolder within Secure Folder. If you dont have My Files visible when you go into your secure folder select add then scroll to the bottom and select my files.

    Hope this helps!
    10-05-2018 05:24 PM

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