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    Got this phone 3 days ago. Came loaded with Oreo 8.1.0. Updated with new security patch immediately. All seemed well. Then yesterday the phone just shut down. Power on button did nothing. Plugged in to charge - nothing. After about 45 minutes the phone came on and all has been ok since. When this happended the only thing different was that it was the first time I had let the charge go below 10%.

    My questions are: 1. Has anyone else had this happen, and 2. Should I return this phone immediately and get another?

    10-01-2018 07:38 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Are you certain the battery was still >0% when it shut down? When it gets that low, any process that suddenly requires more battery could easily cause the battery drain to accelerate to the point that it hits 0% and the phone shuts down on its own. Look at the battery graph in the system settings -- was it a steady drop down to 0%, or did it just stop while it was still around 10%?

    When the battery is down to 0%, it won't necessarily power on immediately after plugging it back in. The battery may need to build up enough charge to sustain the boot process.

    In general, avoid deep battery discharges. If you do that regularly, you'll significantly shorten the battery's lifespan. Make a habit of recharging when the battery reaches 30-40%.
    10-01-2018 11:11 AM

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