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    I've decided to try the Microsoft Launcher for android to see if I can get a little more functionality out of my phone then with the standard launcher given that all my personal and work accounts are centered around microsoft.

    The Launcher looks good but I have 3 email/calendar accounts I need to run on it, my personal, work and private business. I've run up against two problems.

    1. Number of accounts.
    I had hoped to have the calendar card linked to my three microsoft accounts (personal, work office 365, company exchange). When I go into settings for the calendar card I can only add two accounts. I've looked everywhere for a way to add the third account but no luck. Is it even possible to add a third account?

    2. Can't add company exchange account.
    Of the two accounts I can add I had no trouble with my outlook account, and the work office 365 account works as well, but I can't get into my other companies exchange email/account. I'm hoping this is just me but I can't even get the settings to give me an option to manually enter server details. Is this not possible or am I missing something?

    I've tried to find direct support from Microsoft but none of the normal techs new anything about the launcher and the only email address i could find for the app on its download page from the google store doesn't receive emails.
    10-03-2018 04:23 PM

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