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    After I got a Starbucks App on my Android, I was not able to access Starbucks' Wi-Fi when I was at Starbucks having coffee, even though the app occupied my phone with a lot of Megabytes.
    After hours of trying to get their app to function properly, I stopped going to Starbucks, got my coffee elsewhere where I
    I could be on Wi-Fi, and removed the Starbucks' App from the homescreen of my phone.
    The problem is that STARBUCKS' and other apps' software seem to stay in my phone, even though the apps' Logos are no longer visible on my screen . . .
    That is the problem related to this question: How do I get rid of all the software, the cookies, the trackers, etc. that I have been told are "Hiding" in our phones once we let them in the door, over the internet. It is a lot like letting burglars into one's life, only to have the stay on, continually casing our lives and homes for anything they can obtain, burglarize/exploit regarding ourselves, our work, our family members, or friends' info and situations from banking to purchases, to conversations or whereabouts at any given moment.

    After I had first installed the Starbucks' App, my phone had slowed down and messed up a lot, as had also happened with other apps.
    The problem with the STARBUCKS' and other invading APPS seems to be related to the Apps seeming to stay in our phones; the seeming-"tracking" issues and cookies, and "interference with other communications and therefore resulting personal safety" issues.
    I have had too many data "crashes" when corresponding with others electronically or dealing with personal financial/religious/political or other situations,
    (with all the hazards posed by others' exploitation of information they can obtain, whether from our work situations, our proprietary inventions, our family, financial or other situations.
    The problem with some app's on our phones or ones that might stay in our devices after we try to delete them has to do with the personal protection pr
    issues in addition to the the phone crashes, especially during online correspondence and/or emailing and all the info-hijacking going on for commercialization and purposes of political manipulations' of individuals.
    Can you explain to me how to get some App's and their info-hijacking "cookies," and other components. etc., completely out of our Android phones?
    Thanks, both for myself, and for other basically upstanding, good American people worried about all the personal and political manipulations going on where electronics have become weapons being used against our beleaguered citizens.
    10-08-2018 02:06 PM
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    Not sure which app you downloaded but the app isn't needed to log into WI-FI at Starbucks. That being said, if you remove an icon from your home screen the app is not uninstalled, just the shortcut to it on your main screen(s). It should still be accessible through your app drawer and application manager (including the app's page on the Play store). If the app has been uninstalled, all data and functions ARE removed. Some cached data might remain, UT that is not used by the app anymore and the system will delete it eventually to make room for other cached files.

    Furthermore, you can always check which permissions YOU granted to an app upon installation and first-time run and enable/disable those at any moment through the application manager or permission section in your phone's settings. Again, apps that are uninstalled are no longer active or present in your device or have access to it in any way.
    10-08-2018 02:20 PM

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