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    I am on crutches so it is hard to get to the phone quickly. The 30-second limit on my Galaxy S6 is not long enough. I have a ringtone that is a short song (1:18) but the phone only plays 30 seconds of it. Seems like something I should be able to adjust. Is there a way?
    10-08-2018 08:07 PM
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    This isn't a phone setting, it's a carrier setting. Some carriers may allow for adjustment through a sequence in the dialer but if you contact your carrier support they should be able to guide you through changing this if they allow it to happen. Some here may even be able to help you do it, depending on your carrier (which you didn't tell us).

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    10-09-2018 04:31 AM
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    Have a look at this post on Android central


    On most Droids, and most carriers:

    1. Dial *#61# and click Send. You will see your VM access number and the current ring delay time.
    2. Write down the phone number displayed (including +1).
    3. Dial **61*+1xxxyyyzzzz*11*30# and hit Send. +1xxxyyyzzzz is the number you wrote down previously, 30 is the delay in seconds. The delay can be set in 5 second increments, 30 is maximum.
    4. Dial *#61# to verify that the new settings are active.
    10-09-2018 05:55 AM

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