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    The latest phone I had was the Samsung galaxy note 4 and after this long and happy ownership I feel like it's time to get the new version but here is my concern, the note 9 looks exactly like the note 8 with few and not really important upgrades... and the idea of getting the note 8 after 1year + of its release is not appealing to me and I heard that the 10th generation of the note lineup next year will be completely different and I’m currently interested in the Huawei mate 20 which will be released soon so I’m really lost here cause I need a new worthy phone so i have 3 options : I get the nova 3i use it for a year then switch for the note 10 or really get the note 9 which looks the same as the note 8 or get my hand on the new mate20 or 20 pro which will be released this month by Huawei. (And getting the note 9 and trading it next year is a big NO for me).
    10-09-2018 03:41 PM

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