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    Hi people, is it possible to make Outlook the default app for contacts and calendar, instead of the Google Calendar and Google contacts?
    10-10-2018 07:53 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    No - do a Google search for link outlook calendar to google calendar. There are a few ways of doing it. (The calendar app is just showing what's at Google Calendar.)

    As far as contacts, no. Most "Outlook" apps do Exchange email and calendar, but not contacts.

    And there's nothing for Contacts to be the default for. A "default app" is ... if you tap a web link in a message, it should open the default browser to get you to that URL. If there's an incoming text, the default SMS app handles it. But contacts? Nothing happens to trigger a contacts app - you rap the icon to open it. If you have an Outlook app that does contacts, tap that one to get to your contacts list. So if you find an Outlook app that does contacts, use it.

    The Contacts icon is actually bring you to a portion of the Phone app - they're kind of linked. An Outlook app that did contacts would have to be able to call the Phone and default Messages apps for you to tap a contact's phone or text icon and be where you wanted to be.
    10-10-2018 02:41 PM

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