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    Newbie to the forum here: I wanted to share info about a Samsung annoyance.
    I am using an S7 Edge, but put this in General because this applies to a wide range of devices:

    For months I have been plagued with that horrible Samsung Invasion (as I call it)
    Every day, relentlessly, the invasive "Tap here to use your Sansung Account" message pops up and annoys me with a double sound notification. Bad enough it sounds once but they do it twice to really irritate you. I was ready to launch both my Samsung S7 and Tab3 off a bridge....

    I have Google searched and read forum threads exhaustively and tried absolutely everything I can to get rid of this invasive (insert foul word here) message. None of the suggestions work. Nothing. It always comes back to haunt me more.

    Did a software upgrade this morning to the latest Oreo, hoping this parasite was dead. Nope, still there.

    Got digging in the menus and found this:

    Long press on the home screen message, tap details, brings you to Samsung Experience Service.
    Or you can get there through Settings > Notifications > Advanced > General Notifications.
    Select Importance. By default it is set to Urgent, thus harassing you 24/7 repeatedly to use it. Set it to Low, no sound or visual interruption.

    I just did this a couple hours ago and it seems to work. I restarted the phone a couple times to see if the message would appear but so far so good.

    From the home screen, if you swipe down from the top it is still there in small print under notifications but at least it's not honking at you to use their stupid account.

    Hopefully this is a permanent solution to this idiotic Samsung harassment.
    10-13-2018 12:46 PM
  2. Bob33Builder's Avatar
    After posting this I checked the same on my Tab3.

    What I described above is not available on my tablet yet.
    I updated the S7 phone, but the update is not available for my Tab yet.

    So safe to assume that this is something they have only added with the latest software update, which for me came on Oct 13, 2018.
    10-13-2018 01:02 PM

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