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    I have created different folders in my Gallery where I move pictures into eg Good morning folder, Christian folder etc. I could always move pictures from WhatsApp Images to the folders but now it just says unable to move, file already exists. What must I do to move pictures into the different folders?

    Which phone? Samsung J1
    Which version of android? 4.4.4
    Which carrier? Not sure
    Are these folders on the internal storage or an SD card? Want to move from Gallery from phone to SD card.
    Which app are you trying to use to go the move? I go to the picture and hold for few seconds until tick comes up then I use the 3 dots and use the move action.

    I don't know the procedure how to respond to your questions. I have tried clicking on and below your response bur with no success.
    10-21-2018 11:40 AM
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    A "folder" in Gallery is the last folder name in the chain, so if a picture file is in /DCIM/Calendar/Holidays/Easter, the folder name in Gallery is Easter. You can also have a folder on the phone in /DCIM/Camera/Easter. That will be another folder in Gallery called Easter. But it'd a different folder.

    Which is why you should use a file manager to copy (never Move*) files - you can see what's actually happening. Doing that, you may find that the file you've been trying to move actually does already exist in the folder you're trying to m ove it to (or that somehow, the reverse of the above happened, and you have 2 "folders" in Gallery, with different names, both referring to the same folder on the phone). You should have My Files on a Samsung phone - that will work.

    *If a Move blows in the middle, you can lose both the source and the destination. The file is still there, it never gets "moved" - Linux (Android runs in Linux) just renames a file from, say, /DCIM/Camera/Folder1/File1.jpg to /DCIM/Camera/Folder2/File1.jpg. The directory listing gets changed. If Linux reads the old directory listing, deletes it ... then something goes wrong, there's no way to "link" that file (get it listed in a directory). If you copy a file, Linux actually reads the file (either all at once or, if there's not enough RAM, one piece at a time) and writes it to the new location. Once you see that the "moved" file is good, you can delete the original. If the moved one is bad, delete it and copy again.
    10-21-2018 01:58 PM

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