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    I own the 46" Sony Google TV (NSX-46GT1). I just purchased the Sony Blu-Ray Player with Google TV (NSZ-GT1). Both devices use the NSG-MR1 remote control. The NSG-MR1 that is paired with the Sony TV has power and other buttons to control a Blu-Ray player. However, if I "connect" the remote that was paired with the Sony TV to the Sony Blu-Ray player, I lose the ability of that remote to control some functions of the Sony TV. If I use the "AMP" feature while the remote is paired with the Sony TV, I can control some aspects of the Sony Blu-Ray player, but I cannot power on or power off the Sony Blu-Ray player. How do I set up my NSG-MR1 remote that is paired with my Sony TV so that it can power on and power off the Sony Blu-Ray player? I don't see instructions for this specific setup in the Blu-Ray player guides. Please provide step by step instructions. Thanks SJ
    10-21-2018 12:17 PM
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    There probably aren't any, because the particular remote can't be used the way you want. (I say probably because we're not Sony, we're not "Android", we're not Google, we're just users like you, some of whom have a lot more experience than others. But only someone who has your particular setup and has figured out how to do it could give you a "definitely" answer. Calling Sony's tech support or customer support might be a better source of help for you.)
    10-21-2018 04:40 PM
  3. sj googletv's Avatar
    Thanks for the response. I was hoping for just what you mentioned, i.e. someone who may have figured out how to get these two devices working with the same remote. I did contact Sony support prior to proceeding here with a question. I asked the specific question about powering on and powering off the Blu-Ray player. Rather than saying it is or isn't possible, Sony support said: "Please be informed that you may not be able to access all the features using the TV Remote. As the TV Remote is not compatible to program with the Player." Incredible non-response, since both products use the same remote, both products can be paired with either remote, and the "AMP" feature works with several Blu-Ray functions, just not powering on or off. Perhaps Sony is using an AI engine now for product support?
    10-22-2018 01:56 PM

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