1. Kodak2's Avatar
    I am using Android 7 on a Moto G5.

    Wi-fi scanning is meant to improve location accuracy.

    Has anybody had any experience in noticing an improvement in location accuracy when using Google maps for driving navigation. Either with WiFi scanning on or off?

    I'm unable to detect any difference in accuracy either way.
    10-22-2018 02:41 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    I've never seen any improvement with wi-fi or Bluetooth scanning. I wonder if it's most useful for indoor navigation (like when you're in a big mall or other venue that actually has floor-by-floor details in Google Maps)?
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    10-22-2018 04:06 PM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    Wifi location service is used when the GPS is off. While GPS has an accuracy of 10 meters maximum, WiFi location can be a mile off. But if you're in a deep forest, and getting some wifi signals from a few people who live there, or a couple of stores in the village in that forest, just walking 10 feet can show you which way you want to walk to get back to a main road. Or if you're in the concrete canyons of a place like midtown NYC, where GPS signals show you doing 30MPH when you're standing still, WiFi location service can tell you where you are.
    10-22-2018 09:38 PM
  4. methodman89's Avatar
    As for during driving, no. Having it on then is a waste of battery.
    10-23-2018 05:44 AM
  5. Kodak2's Avatar
    I have done comparison tests with it on and off, with no detectable difference in battery consumption.
    10-23-2018 05:48 AM
  6. methodman89's Avatar
    Hopefully you weren't using the notification bar as your guide. Anytime you turn on a wifi scan, it uses battery. For exactly how much, go to Settings, Battery, Battery usage and check after driving or walking around so it's active.
    I have done comparison tests with it on and off, with no detectable difference in battery consumption.
    10-23-2018 06:09 AM
  7. Kodak2's Avatar
    Yep. It's negligible!
    10-23-2018 06:11 AM
  8. methodman89's Avatar
    Yep. It's negligible!
    If you have your Wi-Fi radio on, GPS on and data on with constant scanning, it's more than negligible. Don't want to beat a dead horse, but those radios are power hungry unless in standby mode. If driving around, it's constantly connecting, processing, dcing and repeating the cycle. There are few situations I can think of where it is a helpful thing to leave on.
    10-23-2018 09:21 AM
  9. Kodak2's Avatar
    If it's draining your battery then it's a good idea for you to turn it off. I'm not experiencing a problem with battery life. My original question was to do with the documented increase in location accuracy.
    10-23-2018 11:12 AM

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