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    I've recently upgraded my phone quite significantly (from a 50$ phone to a 600$ phone) and now I'm wondering whether it was a good idea. The phone is of course lighting fast compared to my previous one but I can't think of more ways to utilize the fact that Ive got a good phone. I'm playing some games but haven't found and really cool yet and I use the calendar on my phone. Besides that I don't really use any apps apart from fb twitter etc., it just kinda feels like chaos atm. how do you guys make use of your phones, so that they are actually worth what u paid for them?
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    10-23-2018 08:04 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! The camera on my phone is very important to me, and you're not going to find really good cameras (or camera software) on budget or midrange phones.

    If the work you do on your phone requires a lot of multitasking (i.e., split-screen apps, or switching frequently between apps), it'll be a lot quicker and smoother with higher specs (powerful CPU and more RAM). Sure, it can still work on lower-spec phones, but the lag or sluggishness you'd see on those phones would quickly become pretty tiresome if you have to do it a lot.

    Flagship phones are much more likely to get updates for at least 18 months (both major system updates and security patches). Budget phones might get one or two updates if they're lucky, but are usually done with updates within a year. The latest bells and whistles from major system updates might not be important to you, but security patches should be important to everyone.

    In addition, quality and quality control will generally be poorer for really cheap devices. If, like most people, you tend to rely on your phone for almost everything, you don't want to worry about it failing suddenly.

    This is not to say that budget/midrange phones are not worth getting at all. Over the past few years, companies like Lenovo (Moto) and Huawei (Honor) have been greatly increasing the value proposition for budget phones, cramming a surprising amount of features and specs into phones in the $200 range. But phones that are <$100 will still be pretty poor.
    10-23-2018 02:34 PM

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