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    First of all I'm an ***** and know I should have backed up my data better, but I wondered if anyone could help.

    I transferred photos and videos from my HTC One M9 to my Hewlett-Packard laptop using HTC sync manager. When I came to organise the photos I realised some were missing. I deleted all of the photos from the laptop to try transferring them again. (I had to delete them from the recycle bin too due to a lack of storage space.) I connected my phone to transfer them again and somehow the photos are now missing from my phone and laptop. I have been to PCWorld for data recovery but it failed. I don't want to pay £350 for the next level of data recovery. I also downloaded EaseUS software but have no idea how to actually find the files I want to see if it has worked. The thumbnails are available in HTC Sync Manager and I have managed to find the photos in a lower quality in AppData/HTCMediaHub/Thumbcache but I cannot find a way to view any videos.

    Is there any hope or should I give up? Thank you in advance for any advice.
    10-27-2018 07:53 PM

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