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    I can't get Android Auto or Mirror Link to work on my Skoda Kodiaq, it's not the car as all other phones work with it. I have tried using the stock cable and other cables, when i connect it, the car recognises something is connected and the phone asks me what to do with the USB connection (charge only, transfer files or photos) and i've tried all of them. The car eventually gives up and says the phone is not compatible, something i used to get with my OnePlus 3t as it didn't support Mirror Link but it would work instantly on Android Auto.

    I have read online that there were issues with Android Auto on previous phone models but the manufacturer were looking to get this fixed in this phone. If it was a cheap phone i'd probably just leave it, as i did with Mirror Link on the OnePlus, but for a phone they are pushing at a crazy price and saying is premium, they have work to do. Has anyone figured out any fixes for this, or managed to get it to work on their car?
    10-29-2018 09:23 AM
  2. JazzJPH's Avatar
    I know this is late, but this situation hasn't been resolved and I'm running my Mate 20 Pro on the latest firmware update. I have had a very similar experience...
    02-07-2019 05:59 AM

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