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    Hey everyone,

    Let me start by saying im an android developer and feel kinda lost at the moment. Historically I have flashed custom roms and unbricked bad flashes on devices. However, the most recent security patch bricked my device. I am unable to put in my pattern on the lock screen, the touch events do not register after the 4th dot is touched in the pattern sequence.

    The Drive is encrypted, play services are not active which prevents me from resetting it from the android device manager.

    Things I have tried,
    1) adb does not work since the device is not authorized considering the device has not been unlocked with a pattern after a restart which happened upon installing the update.
    2) erase from android device manager which does not work coz play services are not running and signed up with my account.
    3) get into recovery mode which give me no command.

    Unless there is a way to get the phone into download mode somehow, then perhaps we can flash the original OS back on there but for now, i am unable to do anything with the device.

    Is there a way to solve this problem? Happy to work with anyone that has questions or suggestions on things to try. The phone is a brick at this point from my perspective since it is completely locked down.
    10-30-2018 02:41 PM
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    If it was an OTA update, I'd complain to the carrier - it's now become a liability issue. They broke your phone, they're responsible for it. (I had that with AT&T once. After the store, the Device Support Center and tech support, a replacement was their solution.)

    Have you tried Power+Volume Down to get to the bootloader? Just a thought.

    If you updated it yourself from the site - maybe call Google tech support and ask for help? You can't connect to it to boot to the bootloader, so you can't flash anything. You can't get into the pone, so you can't do anything. Even though the initial screen comes up, that's a hard brick in my book. (I'm also a developer, I run my P2 rooted with the bootloader unlocked. And I can't think of anything else - bootloader or Google.)
    10-30-2018 04:52 PM

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