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    I have an LG X Charge the phone usually runs fast and fine but the past few days it has gotten very slow and also acting as if I have no signal for a short period then starts acting fine again. I factory reset it and still it is acting funny, I downloaded a signal checker and when it started acting up I looked at it and the signal was excellent so i dont have a clue why its acting up like this I have cleaned cache, deleted apps, and also disabled factory apps that i dont use thinking it would help but its still messing with me can someone help me because it was working fine. I just dont undertand what it could be after Ive done all these things especially after a factory reset. I also installed a trojan virus remover checker and nothing. PLEASE HELP
    10-30-2018 04:28 PM
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    About the only thing left, unless you bought it late and it's still under warranty, is to bring it to your carrier if they repair phones, or bring it to a repair shop. It has to be diagnosed, and that's not something we can do online. (No one could diagnose what you describe online.)
    10-30-2018 04:41 PM

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