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    Hi there, I am traveling to Egypt and would like to know if I could use a data only Egyptian SIM in my secondary SIM slot to provide internet access to my phone. However, will my primary UK number associated WhatsApp work taking internet connection from the secondary SIM?
    11-03-2018 11:45 PM
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    First, it's a dual-standby SIM phone. It takes 2 SIMS, but only one is active at any given time, so the UK SIM can't "get internet" from the Egyptian SIM - that would require a dual-active SIM phone, and then you'd have internet on only the Egyptian SIM - one SIM can't "get" internet from another one - but the UK SIM only deals with your IK phone number, so the phone would get internet from the Egyptian SIM.

    If you have some app signed into something as being in the UK, and it uses the internet, it will stil work using the internet with the Egyptiam SIM. The internet doesn't have anything to do with SIMs.

    The answer to your situation really depends on what you want to do with what app, so you'll have to post more information.

    And please register an account here so you can continue the conversation here, instead of starting a new thread every time you post.
    11-04-2018 01:24 PM

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