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    I’m locked out of my phone. I have put in every email address that I have ever used and none of them are right. This is the second time I’ve woke up to my phone locking itself. I’ve been locked out for two weeks now and I’m still paying for a phone I can’t use. It’s saying this phone is synced to another phone number that isn’t mine.
    11-05-2018 07:52 AM
  2. Mooncatt's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums. Could you please create a free account here so you can reply and give us some more info?

    When you are locked out, do you mean the phone has completely factory reset? That's the only time it would ask for an email, which would be the Google email and password for the account last logged onto the phone.

    Or do you mean it didn't reset, but it's asking for something on a lock screen? These are PIN's, passwords, tap/swipe patterns, and biometrics. Those would be something a user has to manually setup. I've never seen a lock screen require an email address.

    The issue about the phone number sounds like something you'd need to contact your carrier about. They may also be able to help with the lockout issue as well.
    11-05-2018 08:12 AM
  3. brittanycash825's Avatar
    Yes I am locked out. It’s asking for email and password. I have put the email and password in and then it says it’s not right. Says verify and I do. But then it says it won’t work. I keep getting verification codes and I do everything right then asks for email and password again but won’t work.
    11-05-2018 08:41 AM
  4. Mooncatt's Avatar
    Thank you for joining and getting back to us. That sounds like the phone factory reset itself. Could you take a photo of the screen where it's asking for this info (omitting your info of course) and upload it here?

    Assuming this is a factory reset, did you by any chance purchase this phone used, refurbished, or in an otherwise not new condition? Google does have something called Factory Reset Protection, which is what asks for the last account email and password during the initial setup after the reset. The idea is that it's a theft deterrent by making the phone basically unusable to thieves. Unfortunately, it can also affect legitimate users that buy the phone used if the prior owner did not sign out of their Google account prior to resetting the phone.

    If this is the case, your only option would be to try contacting the last owner and have them sign in. At that point, they need to finish the setup process so they can use the phone. From there, go into the phone's settings and to the Accounts section. They need to sign out of any and all Google accounts and perform another factory reset and go through the setup process again to verify it no longer requires their login info.

    If this is FRP and you bought this from a retailer, then I would contact them and try to get it exchanged. New phones would not have this issue, and refurbished phones should have had any prior account info removed to not trigger FRP when setting up the phone.
    11-05-2018 09:08 AM

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