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    I bought a Galaxy S9+ A few weeks A go and to tell you the truth, I'm totalky deceived to see that this operating system hasn't evolved better than this.

    To me, the Androïd 8.0 isn't better than if it would have been designed and pogramned by a bunch of 14 to 16 yo kids.

    All the features are loaded but a bunch of totally useless abd ridicoulys features and options not needed by most of the peoples whike to more required and needed options aren't even offered in the main part of the time.

    For instance, when I look at the optuons offerred to sortvthe lustvof installed applications, if I click on the option menu, All I see is sort by size or sort by name.

    Could you tell me who in the worldn't have prefered to see the stardard sorting options that most of the the peoples are already ysedvti see in most of the sorting option usualky available in the main part of 99% of apps in the world.

    Who are the retarded dummies hired to design and program the features offered by such a pittyful OS.

    Where they coming from the Moon or if they were coming from outside of our Solar system?

    This operatign system really seems to have been designed and programmed by a bunch of zombies who didn't bad the slightest idea of what they were doing and why they were doing it.
    That's simply jyst ibcred8bke to see that duch an horrible OS has been designed to support the most powerfull cell phone on our planet whie all the features of this amazingly deceiving OS are lacking of the most basic and fundamental features nornally found in the large majority of all applications. I'm sorry I have to tell you this but ami versions of the Androïd OS have been programmed by a bunch of zombies amateurs having no idea of what they were abd why they were doing it and acter having taken and indepth look at my Samsung Galaxy S9+, I'm extremely deceived to see that the Androïd OS hasn't evolved mire than that and us still looking to be the result of a bunch of kids from the secondary grade class level.
    A super hightech cell phone like the Sansung Galaxy S9+ is would be 10 times more performing with a lot more extended battery life if the so stupid and amateur level Androïd 8.0 operating system would really have been designed and programmed by a bunch of highly skilled engineers and programmers well fitted togethers but that's wasn't the case apparently and to sell such expensive cell phones based on so pittyfuk, so deceiving and extremely frustratinga system of exploitation as bad and as disastrous as Androïd 8 is very close to be a plain fraud in my opinion.

    Of course, this post probably doesn't fit in thusxsection if the forum and I accept in advance to see it moved in the appropriate section determined by the moderators if this forum.
    11-08-2018 05:11 AM
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    So all that rant and the only complaint actually described is the sorting options in the application list? The Google-skinned version on the Pixel actually doesn't even have those sort options, it's alphabetical or nothing, as has been pretty much since the first version of Android. Keep in mind that your Samsung has been modified from what the Android programmers released - Samsung redesigns aspects of the OS much more so than most other device manufacturers.

    My Samsung tablet (also running Oreo - 8.0) has the ability to allow a custom sort order in the app list.
    11-08-2018 06:04 AM

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