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    Good day everyone!

    I have a Moto E4 plus with Nougat. When I used the stock Google calendar app, only Tasks are notified by a ringtone but not Events. When I changed to Business calendar 2, the problem stays nearly the same. For any tasks or events, I always set up several reminders, say 1 at the time of event, 1 at 2hrs before & another at 10hrs before. I also set up a very distinctive self-created ringtone to make sure I'll not miss them whenever they play. But I always only receive the notice just at the time of event or task, those reminders at 2hrs & 10hrs prior didn't happen.

    So my questions are: does anyone of you has to experience this kind of situation? What causes this error? Does it have something to do with the phone's sleep mode, where the system is put into kind of a hibernation to preserve battery? What is the solution? Thank you very much.
    11-08-2018 10:40 PM

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