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    I have recently gotten myself an Android Galaxy ON5 phone and was successfully able to root the device and install a 64GB SD card into it. Once I installed the SD card I did a little research and managed to get it recognized as an internal storage device. However when I do it doesn't change how much storage I have available, rather it just says I have 64GB of used storage space (99% used). I can't seem to find other people who have this issue. It shows up on my computer as having 59GB free and it shows up in Apps>Storage as having 59GB free, but SmartManager seems to think otherwise and I can't install any new apps.
    11-12-2018 07:42 PM
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    A Samsung phone shouldb't be able to handle an SD card formatted (probably on some other phone) as internal storage. Samsung wisely chose to not let you burn your SD card up. Format it as a normal exFAT card and the phone should recognize it. (As internal storage, there's no root directory, no FAT [the root directory and FAT are in internal storage, and one storage device - which is what happens when you format an SD card as internal storage] can have only 1 root directory and 1 FAT], so the phone doesn't know what to make of the card.)
    11-12-2018 10:20 PM
  3. fermak's Avatar
    OP here, I did do the formatting as adoptable storage via the phone I'm working on. If what you are saying is true that would mean it will be impossible for me to get any app that is larger than 600mb, as that is the most storage space I have been able to clear from the device without any installed apps. This confuses me greatly as i have been able to perform this on my Samsung Note (2 i believe) without issue.
    The SD card is recognized as internal storage and any 3rd party storage analysis app sees the 59GP available space. It is only the Smart Manager and Google Play that don't seem to be able to see it.
    11-13-2018 10:59 AM

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