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    I have Galaxy NOte 4 SM-910G

    Unfortunatey it has a peculiar problem. I am not able to connect it to laptop through USB cable. If a USB Cable is connected, it charges the battery but neither Kies not SMartswitch is able to recognize it.

    I have tried 2-3 different PCs and 2-3 different USB cables.

    The Samsung service centre says to correct the issue they have to change the main board inside and it costs an astronomical sum. Hence I have decided against it.

    I had taken a backup through smartswitch, and due to this problem I am not able to restore it.

    1. Is it possible to restore backup using Bluetooth connection in smartswitch?

    2. If not, can I transfer the backup file which is 11.5GB in size to say google drive or Onedrive and restore from there ?

    3. I have 64GB memory card and with Bluetooth I could transfer it into that area.
    Is it possible to restore from there ?
    11-13-2018 04:00 AM
  2. waqqas31's Avatar
    You could borrow a friend's spare Samsung phone, restore from the PC onto there, then transfer it via the smartswitch wireless method from your friend's phone to your Note 4.
    11-13-2018 05:32 AM

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