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    So for the background:
    I recently smashed my beloved sony xperia z3 compact. I had google drive backup activated but also individual backups for different apps. Except i hadn't one for an app with which i track my expenses. I would hate to loose the tracked expenses, since i am a bit neurotic.

    I am now temporarily on an xperia m5 until i find an alternative which suits me.
    When i did setup the phone, i didn't know i have a google drive backup. But it also didn't ask me to restore from the backups in my google drive account. Is it not possible to use that backup?

    I now have setup my phone and would prefer not to wipe it completly just to try to restore the google drive backup.
    I tried to delete the app and install it again with the setting restore app data activated in android. it works when i have a backup from the m5 in my google drive, when i delete that backup and just leave the z3c backup it doesnt work.

    Is it possible to extract the app data out of the z3c backup?
    Do you have any other ideas?

    Thank you
    11-16-2018 04:25 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central!

    How frustrating!

    I've recently restored data from one phone to another using automatic Google Drive backups. It seems that it works well when the two phones are running the same version of Android, while it's unreliable (at best) when the two phones are running different versions of Android.

    When it's working, the new phone will prompt you to install apps, and if I remember correctly, it gives you an opportunity to select which apps to restore. Unfortunately, these restored apps don't always restore the data accumulated on the old device, so even when it seems to work, you might not get the result you desire.

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    11-19-2018 08:01 AM

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