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    Recently dropped my phone hard and though the screen is visibly undamaged, it's unresponsive and doesn't work at all. I am considering maybe getting an upgrade and wouldn't want to change the display (which is half the price that the phone is right now). Naturally I restarted my phone and OP3T requires a code to be input before actual start up so I can't get through the lock screen by just using the fingerprint sensor (which I assume works because the capacitive keys work). Is there any possible way, no matter how complicated, to recover my data? As a last resort, I'm considering going to a mobile repair shop and using a temporary compatible screen to transfer data. Is the latter even possible? Are there different displays that are compatible with OP3T? (Doesn't need to be designed for OP3T of course, there's no need to fix the display on the frame). Thanks!
    11-16-2018 10:26 AM
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    If just plugging the phone into a PC doesn't let the PC see the phone (it may or may not, depending on the state when you broke the screen), temporarily replacing the screen may be your only other option. (It would have to be the same display - they're not interchangeable.)
    11-16-2018 02:14 PM

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