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    I had an LCD replacement for my phone Samsung galaxy J7 pro (SM-J730GM) which has an android version of 8.1. When the new lcd is tested, he said the lcd can't work (like tapping or swiping doesn't work) because the android 8.1 has a bug but the lcd is flashing a display so he said that he needs to change the android version to a lower level. He changed it to 7.0 and he factory reset my phone. The lcd worked. But the problem is, the TWRP app can't be uninstalled so I tried to reboot my phone but it got worse. Whenever I wanted to reboot or factory reset my phone the TWRP is the one who flashes and the only way to reboot my phone manually, not the android one. I tried to update the Android version using the software update, but it says that the software is unauthorized so I cannot update it. Does someone know how to fix it? Please I love my phone and I really need help to have the latest software update. Thank you so much.
    11-17-2018 06:19 AM
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    TWRP is a method used for flashing 3rd-party OS builds. You should return to the shop and get your money back, there should have been absolutely ZERO reason to reflash your device with an older OS just to get the screen working if the repair was done correctly. I would be concerned about that software being compromised from a security standpoint.

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    11-17-2018 11:23 AM

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