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    Ok I had someone take over my last phone including all social media and they even hacked my kids social media. They removed pics right before my eyes. So I purchased a brand new phone and phone number. Even have my social media under bogus names with complete privacy. Here it is 2 months after I refused to add this person to my new social media accounts. I don't know who it is but I do know that they have found a way to get into my new phone and number. The person interupted a chat on my direct phone and the other person was I thought who sent it. After asking what the person who sent the message again put the question in my response box. How do I find out how to remove them and locate there ip address or phone number to remove it from my phone
    11-18-2018 08:20 PM
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    You went to some pretty far extremes over this. The new number and device is the farthest I've ever heard anyone go. I'm no expert but there are some truths that can't be circumvented which means there are questions you must ask yourself:

    A device cannot be cloned without access to the device, extended access, like hours alone with. Does anyone have this type of access to your device?

    Most social networks and Google provide 2-step verification to access accounts. So when you say complete security did you put 2-step verification in place, and when you did, did you also end all open sessions for your account? Both Facebook and Google offer this option.

    You say they are finding you and you believe it's due to a stored number in your contacts. Have you cleaned house lately? Have verified and just gone through your contacts eliminating people you no longer have contact with? You can do this by logging into your Google account online.

    Have you created strong enough passwords? I personally hate having a thousand passwords and with a few exceptions use similar passwords for multiple accounts with slight variations. There is software that will help a determined person figure out any password but that's next level stuff, Sally on the corner isn't going to be that cunning.

    You say that it's someone you turned down as a friend or contact previously, so you've had an interaction with them already or how would you know this? What was that interaction, how did it take place? These are clues to their identity.

    Could this be a joke? Could it be someone you are already friends with screwing with you? I'm guessing even though you changed your alias you kept the same friends are still using the same email address, which brings up my next thing. Email addresses are far more effective ways to find someone, especially on social media, than phone numbers and sometimes names. This goes back to your security lockdown, most social media allows users to be found and gives you options like, friends of friends, email, phone number, anyone and no one...

    Lastly there are ploys out there designed to get people to reveal their username and password. One such ploy sends users an offer for free phones, discount services and things like this and all the user has to do is click the link and log in to be registered. Truth is there is no discount or deal and by logging in you're sending all the needed info to who ever. Always log in from the app or by typing the address and never ever by link.

    Good luck
    11-18-2018 10:01 PM

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