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    Bluetooth connects easily, but keeps disconnecting and re-connecting. So if I'm on a call it usually drops. This only started a couple of weeks ago, since the last Android update
    11-20-2018 09:34 AM
  2. methodman89's Avatar
    Check your settings and disable Bluetooth scanning /visability unless you are trying to pair something. Sounds like you have 2 devices within range that are glitching. If you can, navigate to the settings screen which displays apps that have activated bt also.
    11-20-2018 12:18 PM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    Like a Bluetooth headset on at the same time you're connected to the radio.

    If not:
    In the radio, unpair the phone. In the phone, unpair the radio.

    Start the whole process again, and pair the phone and the radio.

    See if that fixes it.

    If not, check with the car dealer's service department to see if they've gotten any service bulletins or updates for the radio.
    11-20-2018 03:24 PM

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