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    When I was signing into an app on my device with Android Pie, I got a suggestion for saving passwords using Smart Lock. I was confused because I know the Google autofill service does this, and I hadn't enabled it. To test if it'll turn it on automatically, I pressed yes. And then went to "Settings > System > Languages and Input > Autofill service", and it was still set to None. After playing around a bit, I realized it's a separate service that saves passwords to my Google account.

    My question is how are these 2 services different? And if I do turn on Google autofill service, which service would be responsible for autofilling in my password. Or an even more complicated scenario - if I use LastPass as an autofill service and also have the password saved in "Smart Lock for Passwords" service, which of these 2 will be responsible for putting in my password, and how would their working differ?
    11-24-2018 01:10 PM

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