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    So, a couple of days ago my phone started acting weird. It first started when I was in my car, waiting for a friend to come out his house.

    I had my phone connected to my car's bluetooth and I was watching a YouTube vid while I waited. For some reason, the audio was coming from the phone's earpiece instead of the car. I tried restarting my bluetooth but nothing.

    I gave my phone a quick restart but to no avail. I then proceeded to restart the bluetooth a couple of times, even made it only connect media audio or phone call audio. After like 8 tries, it worked and I magically got the audio to play through my car.

    Next day I'm at my home and I turn on some music from Amazon Music app and the audio is really low. I try to increase the volume, but nothing really changed. And instead of giving me the "Media Volume" drop down it gave me the "In-Call Volume" drop down and I noticed that yet again, audio was coming through the phone's earpiece. I tried restarting the App and my phone and after a few tries, it miraculously worked.

    Now, every time I get into my car and want to connect my bluetooth for some music or for a phone call, I have to keep resetting the bluetooth roughly 10+ times for it to work. Sometimes even that doesnt work. It's getting really annoying and I've been wondering if there was a fix. Everywhere I've searched either didn't provide one, or a simple restart fixed it instantaneously and permanently.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S8+ and it's always up-to-date. My car is a 2017 Ford Fusion, but that doesn't really matter because I've experimented with other bluetooth connections and even headphone connections, same issue.
    11-26-2018 07:00 PM

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