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    I'm having the exact same problem on my S7 phone and Samsung tablet: when some emails arrive, I get the "load more" notification but when I hit the button the message never appears. I have the phone/tablet set to dowmload emails regardless of size.

    However, if I hit reply or forward I can read the message in the newly generated email. So clearly the email is being downloaded, just not displayed.

    How do I fix this problem? It is very difficult to read the email in replied or forwarded form.


    11-28-2018 12:50 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! We're not sure which thread you're referring to, since you posted as an unregistered guest, but I do recall seeing some other threads about your question. Please consider registering on this forum so that you can respond within an existing thread, instead of creating a new one about the same issue: https://forums.androidcentral.com/as...community.html

    Which email provider? If you have more than one email provider, does this happen with emails that come from all of them, or only one of them?
    11-28-2018 01:33 AM
  3. rgames's Avatar
    Hi - thanks for the reply. I wasn't referring to another thread - I didn't find another thread that was showing this problem. There are others where the "load more" problem was fixed by removing download size restrictions but as noted above that didn't work for me.

    Plus, I didn't see another thread where the message became visible when replied or forwarded.

    My email server is Godaddy. But it appears to be a phone problem, not a server problem because, again, the entire message is there when I reply or forward. So the server is doing its job.

    It's the phone/tablet that is screwed up.

    Anyone have any ideas on this one? It must be a software problem since the problem is the same on both my phone and tablet.


    11-28-2018 08:24 AM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Oh sorry -- when you said "I have the exact same problem," I thought it was referring to another thread. Now when I read it, I realize you mean that the same problem is between your two devices. But thanks for registering anyway!

    Check the settings of the stock Email app -- is there an option to show email as HTML? Also, can you try a different email app as a test (like the Gmail app)?
    11-28-2018 09:59 AM

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