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    Hello everyone!

    So my phone (Huawei Honor 10) just experienced some water damage (i know ). Luckily, everything is intact, except for one thing: the speaker doesn't play any media audio. First, I thought my speaker was broken, but it does play my ringtone and notification sound very clearly so that couldn't be it.

    I went to the repair shop, and they told me one of my two phone speakers was broken, and that the small speaker is the one that plays the ringtone and notification sounds, and that the other speaker is the one that plays all the media stuff.

    Now i've listened to the ringtone sound, and it clearly comes out of both speakers...so why won't the media audio work?

    The headphone jack works perfectly by the way. Is there anyone who could think of an issue?

    Thanks a bunch!
    11-28-2018 09:11 AM
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    They're talking about the part you put to your ear for a phone call (that's the small speaker) and the speaker you normally think of as "the speaker" (that's the other one). If the speaker itself is bad, there's no reason the earphone jack wouldn't work.

    However ...

    Unless they take the phone completely apart and clean off all the corrosion (after a through overnight soak in corrosion and salt remover), it's going to continue to corrode until you need a new phone. So it's up to you whether to pay them to replace the speaker now, and have to replace the phone later, or to replace the phone now. (For a full write-up on wet phones, see Oh, no! My Phone got Wet!)

    For a good look at what a wet phone looks like inside, see

    She's had a lot of experience with this situation, and has another few YouTube videos showing how bad it gets.
    11-28-2018 02:31 PM

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