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    I was using Huawei Y360-U61 running EMUI 4.4.2 on 2GB ROM & 512MB RAM. My phone restarted automatically while I was downloading a movie. It then restarted again. Since restart process took more time, I shutted down my phone by removing battery. Since then, my phone isn't displaying anything - not even its charging status or recovery mode or update mode.

    I took my phone to a local mobile repairing centre. I was told that my software is dead and I had to change it. But since I had so important notes written there, I didn't agreed. The notes I have there are about 2 years old which is impossible for me to remember.

    Is there any way to bring my notes back from the default "Notes" app of my phone?
    12-01-2018 04:54 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Not if the software is actually "dead", but software doesn't "go dead". Make sure that the battery is inserted properly. Even if some of the software is corrupted, it should still start normally or start in recovery. Not only are they different systems, they're located in different partitions. If all partitions in the phone went bad you wouldn't need new software, you'd need a new motherboard.

    I'd try to find a better repair shop if wiping the battery contacts (with a clean handkerchief is enough) and replacing it, making sure it's going in the right way (contacts on the battery to the contacts sticking out of the phone into the battery compartment) and that those contacts didn't get bent.

    (Since they couldn't turn the phone on, I wonder how they determined that "the software is dead". That's about like determining what language a corpse spoke before it died, when all you have is the corpse. I wouildn't even dignify it with "guess". Maybe "lie of the day".)

    It's something to do with the battery to start with and possibly corrupted software. (No matter how corrupted the Android software is, recovery and update should work - and the charging status should show - none of those are part of the Android partitions.)
    12-01-2018 02:28 PM

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